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Offroad Masters Challenge

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Offroad Masters Challenge

Would you like to embark on an adventure with your offroad truck over the continents, lands, and various countries with the Offroad Masters Challenge game? During the adventure, you can make a career with your offroad vehicle, you can join a free SUV driving adventure, or even, can crash your trucks in a huge offroad car crash arena! These cars can modifiable such as engine modifications, or tire modifications will be available. Join this adventure either in single player game mode, or in two player game mode. Let’s go!
Player 1:Move: «W, A, S, D» or «ARROW KEYS»Move camera: «MOUSE» and «LEFT-CLICK»Switch camera: «C»Restart: «R»Light: «F»Two Player Game:Player 1:Move: «ARROW KEYS»Switch camera: «C»Reset Car Position: «R»Light: «F»Player 2:Move: «ARROW KEYS»Switch camera: «K»Reset car position: «O»Light: «L»P.S: Use the «P» key to pause the game.

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