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Counter Combat Multiplayer

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Counter Combat Multiplayer

Counter Terrorist Multiplayer is a online fps game that will test your skill. Counter Swat team against to modern terrorist you fight critical strike war game defuse bomb to terrorist. Fight with your friends, create your team and show your skill leading the individual scoreboard. We will organize a tournament. Join combat portable fps ! Call your friends and invite them in the battlefield for duty to become the leader.Features* We made 22 cs maps have in game.* We rework models and Change menu,lobby UI.* We made new weapons pistols, sub machines, heavy machines, sniper, awp.* We made Bomb defuse, Team deathmatch and Deathmatch modes. We will add new mods :)* We made video record system in game. You can record your gameplay video and publish Youtube, Facebook.* Quality modern graphics* Most of popular weapons Desert eagle, AWP, Knife, M4a1, mp5 etc.* Unique Sounds and Musics
Movement : W A S DPrimary Weapon : 3Secondary Weapons : 2Knife : 1Grenade : 4Flashbang : 5Plant Bomb : GDiffuse : FBuy weapon : BChat : TTeam chat : YJump : SpaceCrouch : CSprint : Shift

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